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Kick-starting Healthy Lifestyles

Kick-starting Healthy Lifestyles

Kick-starting Healthy LifestylesKick-starting Healthy Lifestyles



Training Expertise:   
Functional movement for daily and athletic movement  |  Injury support and prevention  |  Weight loss and body sculpting  |  Customized plans to meet individual goals and needs  |  Swim conditioning and technique  

Nutrition Specialties:
Increased energy  |  Reduced brain fog  |  Weight loss  |  Digestive improvements  |  Low carb and keto diets | Assistance in determining food sensitivities  |  Strategies for implementing dietary changes    

Lifestyle Support:
Lifestyle hacks to improve all aspects of health  |  Support for creating positive and small habits leading to big changes.    

Personal Training  

Plans are based on a comprehensive health history, past injuries, current complaints, a range of motion functional evaluation, and client goals.   

Initial Intake;   Includes paperwork, movement evaluation, and a game plan  (one-hour)  $20

1 x 60-minute training session   $65    

8 x 60 minute training sessions   $450    

12 x 60 minute training sessions  $600  
Note:  60 minute sessions can be broken up into 30 and 45-minute sessions 

ADAPT Corrective Exercise Program    (Fast track to improvement)   $275

For the person who has a past injury/issue that is affecting their current daily function or sport performance. This is an intensive program designed to improve realignment of joints for a reduction in discomfort and increased durability.    There is a 12-day tract, or a 4-week tract.     

1 x 90-minute appointment   (Initial intake, functional movement testing, first routine)  

 3 x 60-minute appointments       (Receive the three additional routines in the program)

Nutrition Coaching
Current diet, health struggles, an online questionnaire, and health goals are the base for creating a personalized plan.  Basic nutrition musts are addressed first, then individual bio-hacking can begin. Hourly rates are the same as personal training sessions.     

Group Nutrition Class 

Inquire for next class, or gather 4 or more friends and family for a personal class!
Enjoy more energy, less inflammation, reduced brain fog, reduced cravings, and weight loss.  With the support of others and an instructor, learn tricks and strategies for permanent diet upgrades.  Find out how the body uses the foods we eat, and why it is so important to eat with quality in mind.