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Changing Habits For The Better!

Awareness of our current habits is the key to changing them for the better. Mindlessly going through each day is like driving around with no directions or route to get to our desired destination. In today's example, we will apply this issue to our diet.

How can we make changes if we are not aware of what we are currently eating? Of course, we know what we are eating. Right? Are we really paying attention? Are we mindlessly eating and snacking on the go?  Are we aware, but ignoring the little voice telling us we did not
make the best choice? Do you know how many carbohydrates you are eating daily? What about the fats in your diet? Are they healthy ones, or are they causing inflammation and damage?

To get a real idea of current diet habits we must pay closer attention to our food choices. Do this by keeping a daily food log. Include the time of day and the food type consumed. Look at labels of the
packaged food. Notice the number of sugar grams and the ingredient list. How many ingredients are there? What type of oils are used? Are there artificial ingredients? The next step is to create a list of the top priority changes to make. This will be the topic of my next Blog!

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